Our Services

Almar Marinas goes beyond the conventional concept of marinas by offering unparalleled amenities and engaging activities, setting us apart in the boating community. Our commitment to customer satisfaction ensures that boaters choose our marinas for generations.

Experience a sense of community through our extensive social programs across all Almar Marinas, fostering connections among members and their friends. Engage in family-friendly events like annual barbecues and Rendezvous trips, creating lasting memories.

Participate in our informative boating seminars at each Almar Marina, covering essential topics like navigation, marine electronics, and boat maintenance. Elevate your skills with Boat Pro’s boat handling and sailing lessons.

Unlock exclusive benefits with the Almar Advantage program, providing significant discounts on a wide range of goods and services, from boat gear to family dinners. Present your Advantage Card to local merchants for discounts of up to 30%, enhancing your overall boating experience.

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